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Pamela Burke Cameron - Director/Producer 


Pamela Burke Cameron comes from a family of storytellers, including James Lee Burke, Alafair Burke, Andre Dubus and Andre Dubus III. A self-taught filmmaker, Cameron makes ethnographic documentaries. For T-Fred: The Last Frog Hunter, Cameron intentionally avoided using a production crew so that she could capture T-Fred and his family in the most intimate way possible. For the most part, from 2002 to 2016, Cameron shot the film with a single camera (at a time -- the camera evolved over the years) and a Sennheiser lavalier mic.


Prior to founding Ouaouaron Productions* in New Iberia, Louisiana in 2002, Cameron worked in marketing for a San Francisco technology start-up, and before that in marketing and investor relations for a global company in Paris, France. Cameron graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.



*Ouaouaron (wa-wa-rohn) is the Cajun French word for bullfrog, derived from the sound a male bullfrog makes.


John Gilroy - Film Editor, The Bourne Legacy, Warrior, Salt, Michael Clayton, Miracle


Fairfax Dorn - Co-founder, BALLROOM MARFA


Josh Seigel - Curator, Department of Film, Museum of Modern Art

Barry-Jean Ancelet - Professor of Folklore and Francophone Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Lauren Dunwoody Collins - Arts and Learning Differences Committees, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation


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